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Renaissance Has Officially Launched and is Now Available to Purchase and Stream

To all of the friendly folk of the world, we take a pause to extend our arms in an open and loving embrace.

❤ ❤ ❤

Today marks the first day of Spring, and with it, a very exciting announcement we've been waiting to share for some time.

A New Era Begins

After three labor intensive years, Renaissance has officially launched and is ready for you to experience from our brand new website at It is a new work promoting compassionate healing in alignment with psilocybin assisted therapy legislation in Oregon, a scientifically-validated approach to mental healthcare being introduced in 2022 and 2023. We are proud to have primarily created this work right here in Portland — the big little city commonly considered ground zero for the psychedelic renaissance movement where advocacy runs strong and deep.

If you haven't yet seen our trailer for Renaissance, you may view it on our YouTube channel to get a quick 1 minute taste of what the project and animation at large entails.

About The Creators

Renaissance's full-length animation was hand drawn by professional illustrator and animator Colin Lawler and clocks in at just over an hour long. It is available in vocal and instrumental versions, with each serving its own unique intentions.

The vocal version of Renaissance features Ashley Dahl of OpenSpace Mindfulness, a Portland woman-owned business helping individuals and organizations to live their full creative potential and to experience well-being.

The instrumental version immerses the listener into Ruben Erazo's kaleidoscopic dreamscape of pianos and synths -- a seamless exploration of swirling colors and gentle spaciousness. It is a great option for treasured moments of respite spent alone or with a loved one in nature.

We are extremely fortunate to have worked with these incredibly talented individuals to bring this dream to life. The initial concept started way back in early spring 2019 as blurbs of poetry and wandering mental imagery began to coalesce. The majority of this project was accomplished during the pandemic era, making it a considerable work of love during a significantly challenging time of our lives.

Purchase Renaissance From Our Webstore and Online

If this release is meaningful to you and you'd like to support our small team of independent artists, you may purchase Renaissance directly from our website at as one of two versions.

The Definitive Edition Bundle contains the vocal and instrumental 2K animation video files, two-disc album (vocals and instrumentals), and essential companion PDF booklet featuring 27 pages of content, including preface, lyrics, illustrations, and liner notes from the creators, all for $40. Note that it is the only means of buying a copy of the animation videos.

The Deluxe Edition Album contains the two-disc album (vocals and instrumentals) and the essential companion PDF booklet for $12.

For fans of today's music distribution and streaming services, Renaissance's two-disc album is now available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

It is also worth noting that our entire discography is now available from our webstore at, where you can check out our past releases that may be of additional interest. Gravity Mission has been a (relatively) unknown music project for some time now and we're hoping this might change in the times ahead.

Animation Video Rentals Available For Streaming

It is important to us that price does not function as a barrier to those who may be interested in viewing but can't afford to purchase the work. We understand times are hard for everyone and wish to make Renaissance as accessible to all viewers as possible.

In recognition of this reality, the vocal and instrumental versions of our full-length animation are available as 3 day streaming rentals right here on Gumroad for $5. You can view them at the following URLs:

Vocal animation:

Instrumental animation:

Thank You For Supporting Us

As independent artists, we deeply appreciate your support and would be honored if you'd share this project with friends and loved ones. Lastly, if you’d like to make a donation towards our cause and help us to continue creating new work, you may do so by visiting

Renaissance is a timeless gift from our small team of four to the world. We hope that it brings lightness, spaciousness and joy to your life in times when it is needed most.

With Gratitude,

Scott Werley, Creative Director
Gravity Mission


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